Who is Joanne Hawker?

An image of Joanne wearing a yellow jacket stood in front of a blue background.

I’m Joanne, a graphic designer, maker, business owner and founder of the creative hashtag challenge #MarchMeetTheMaker. I currently live in a small village near Taunton in Somerset in the UK. I’ve been self employed since 2016 but I actually started my small creative business back in 2012 whilst working a day job on a pepper farm where I looked after thousands of plants and played with caterpillars.

I’m a huge lover of the colour yellow hence why you’ll find a tiny pop of it on nearly everything I do and why my logo is the brightest yolky yellow I could find! Everything about my brand (and the human behind it) is warm, inviting and friendly. It is colourful and cheerful with a healthy dash of honesty, positivity and encouragement. 

Here we like to celebrate the important things in life whilst encouraging others to see the best in themselves both through the products I make and on social media. It’s all about good vibes, empowerment and positivity. It’s an approachable, giftable, family friendly brand.

An image depicting my creative space with some text about my desk and an image of me packing one of my scratch cards

I specialise in special occasion greetings cards for life’s big milestones and celebrations but have a particular love for secret messages and surprising people which is where my scratch and reveal cards came from. These scratch cards help you to give those hard to wrap gifts, reveal exciting surprises, and messages. I’ve created a unique range of these scratch and reveal cards for almost any occasion, most of which can be personalised and make great keepsakes.

I started designing and making scratch cards back in 2015 and it all started with a ‘will you be my bridesmaid’ card. From there I was hooked and have since created cards for asking special people to be godparents, for announcing pregnancies and for asking someone to move in with you. But my most favourite are for birthdays, (in particular milestones) and my trip reveal cards! I absolutely love seeing where people are going on holiday or what people are gifting for birthday presents. It definitely gives me a few gift ideas for my own family!

A banner image talking about how my products are all designed and made in somerset. The image shows text and an image of me making one of my wedding flags.

All of my cards, prints and accessories are designed and printed in my home studio here in the UK and are sent plastic free where ever possible. All cards are sent inside of their envelopes to eliminate the need for plastic cello sleeves and to protect the scratch off part of the scratch cards. The outer packaging can be recycled or composted too!

So that’s all you need to know about me! I hope you’ll stick around, have a browse of some of the things I make or if you’ve got any questions feel free to get in touch!