What is washi tape and how to use it!

What is washi tape and how to use it!

Washi tape has been around for years but suddenly it's everywhere and you might be wondering what it is and how to use it! This post will help with just that! 

So, what actually is washi tape?
Washi tape is a thin, usually decorative (or plain coloured) paper tape (or masking tape) that can be used in a variety of projects. Although the rolls appear small, they generally carry around 10 metres of pretty tape which lasts a lot longer than you think! This paper tape is not as tacky as more plasticky clears tapes meaning that it can be removed from most surfaces and repositioned without any damage!

As washi is made from paper and renewable resources, it is much more eco friendly than clear sticky tapes as it can be recycled! This means less guilt for you and an even better excuse to add some to your basket!

How can you use it?
Washi tape has so many uses! You only have to do a quick search on pinterest to see all of the different projects! I'm going to share some of my favourite ideas below for you!

• Scrapbooks
There are many ways that you can use washi within your scrapbooks! You could use it to stick down photos or elements that you might want to move again later. It can be used for creating fancy titles and headers (simply write over it in marker pen) or for creating interest. Cut up pieces of washi to make your own washi stickers, or use a die cutter to create borders with interesting edges! Or create a background grid, or a solid colourful background by lining up lots of different colours, sizes and patterns! Either way, it's a great way to add a bit of interest to your scrapbook!

• Bullet journals
This is one of my favourite things to use it for! I use washi tape within my own journal to help make titles stand out, to create page divides or to just generally pretty up a page! It can also be used in the same way that it is used in scrapbooks for sticking in lists, photos, tickets and other bits and pieces you want to stick down. It's also handy for making pretty tick boxes, covering up mistakes or hiding things you no longer want to see. The bujo's I use only come with two ribbons so if you want to mark a particular page you want to be able to find quickly, you can fold some tape over the edge of the page to easily find it again! It's a way of quickly bookmarking and finding important pages! This can also be done in diaries and planners!

• Sealing cards
Don't fancy licking the back of the envelope to seal it shut? Seal it with pretty washi tape! Not only does it mean that you don't have to lick the gross glue but it also adds a bit more pretty and interest to the envelope! 

• Special touches to gifts and orders
If you've spent ages choosing the perfect gift then you want to make sure that it comes in a pretty package too! Washi tape can be used as an alternative to clear sticky tape which is not only better for the environment, it looks nicer too! It can also be used to stick down gift tags too!

• Mini flags
Mini flags made using washi can be used for a number of things! You could add some to a paperclip to make simple but pretty book marks or markers for journal pages. If you put a flag on the end of a cocktail stick you could use them for labelling foods at a party or gathering, for example marking gluten free cakes. Take two cocktail sticks, some cotton thread and some washi flags and you've got some mini bunting for a cake topper!

• Decorating book covers, stationery or pots
If you've got a really boring notebook, binder folder or pen pot that you want to jazz up, add some washi tape! Create a rainbow of different coloured or patterned tapes, add a colourful stripe or cover the whole thing!

• Computer keyboards
I haven't been brave enough to try this one myself but I have seen people who have covered their keyboards in a variety of colourful washi tape and it looks beautiful! It definitely brings someone relatively boring to life!

• Labelling
If you've got a lot of cables lying around and you never know which is which, colour code them and write labels using strips of washi on the plug or make a flag to wrap around the cable! It's also handy for labelling stationery, drawers, or anything else that you might want to label, just ensure that it doesn't get wet!

Got some ideas? Great! Let's head over and view some washi tape!


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