What is #MeetTheMakerWeek and How to Take Part!

What is #MeetTheMakerWeek and How to Take Part!

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Maker week is fast approaching and it only seems like yesterday that we were wrapping up #MarchMeetTheMaker! Can you believe that we are now into our third year of maker week? If you're here it means that you're interested in taking part, hooray! I'm so excited to have you on board!

What is #MeetTheMakerWeek?
In short, #MeetTheMakerWeek is the little sister of #MarchMeetTheMaker and is a week long Instagram challenge with the aim of showing the world what you do! It can be difficult at times to big ourselves up, show off what we make and let people in behind the scenes. But this challenge gives you an excuse to do just that. It's a chance to be really proud of what you create, the skills you have learnt and to tell the stories behind it all. It's a chance to find new makers that you wouldn't have otherwise found, it's a chance to network and make new connections but most importantly, it's a chance to put yourself out there! 

Sounds good but how do I take part?
Well that's dead easy! The official prompts will be released on the 15th November (challenge begins on the 26th) giving you plenty of time to prepare in advance should you want to. As with all of my challenges, they come with a free planning download with a bit of extra help should you need it. This will be available when the prompts go live. Completing the challenge is a lot easier if you have content prepared in advance but if you'd rather wing it, then I'm sending you a virtual high five right now! To take part in the challenge, all you need to do is post one photo a day related to the prompt of the day and post it to Instagram and use the hashtag #MeetTheMakerWeek. For example, if the prompt was 'workspace', you could post an image of where you make your products.

Do I post to my grid or stories?
That depends entirely if you want your future potential customers to see a bit more behind the scenes and learn more about you. Posting to the grid means that people late coming to the challenge will still be able to see your posts and still be able to interact with you. It also means that you'll show up on the challenge hashtag making discovering new makers a whole lot easier! Each day, I'll also be posting a few of my faves to my stories!

What if I get stuck? Can you help me?
I've set up a maker community over on Facebook where you can all help each other with the posts should you get stuck and there will be plenty more information over there on the various prompts! It's also a great place to ask questions that you might be struggling with which aren't necessarily challenge related. We're called Hey There Maker! And we're a friendly bunch, promise!

I look forward to seeing your posts, learning more about your makes, your wonderful business and finding new talent to follow! See you on the 'gram!

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