What are Sun Catchers and what do they do?

What are Sun Catchers and what do they do?

You have have seen the latest trend of sun catcher window stickers (also known as rainbow makers) doing the rounds on social media? Well I jumped on this trend back in April 2021 and it's been a wonderful journey seeing all of the rainbows created in your homes and work spaces with these magical stickers. But for those who are still yet to discover them, let me tell you what they are!

What is a sun catcher sticker?
In short a suncatcher is a special transparent sticker that has a design printed onto special holographic diffraction window film which you then apply to windows in your house, flat, or building that receive a good degree of direct sunlight!

Moon suncatcher rainbow maker sticker

What do the stickers do?
When a sun catcher is placed in direct or really bright sunlight, the diffraction film causes the suns rays to disperse around the room which result in the most beautiful rainbows! This is possibly the reason as to why they are also known as rainbow makers! Not only do they create beautiful colours that move around the room with the sun but they also bring joy, colour to dull rooms and generally lift spirits!

A tortoise enjoying a snack in the rainbows

Are they easy to remove?
Yes! And you can reposition them too! If you're worried about placing a sticker and then not being able to remove it, or living in rented accommodation and leaving sticky marks on the windows, worry not!

All you need to do to remove them is carefully get your nail behind the suncatcher and gently peel it away from the window. Once you’ve carefully peeled it off, set it down on a dust free surface (use the original backing if you still have it) and clean the window. You can barely see where the sticker has been and there is no sticky residue left behind. If you'd like to reposition it elsewhere simply clean that surface, and apply it like you did the first time with water!

If you'd like to watch me do it, I have created a video showing me removing and then repositioning my moon rainbow maker in our lounge!

What designs do you have?
I currently have a number of designs but intend to keep adding more! At the moment you can find a happy sun, moon, a hidden tiger and a floral 'stop and smell the flowers' design! And I've got them dotted all over my house to make sure I capture the sun throughout the day! If you're in the UK you can shop here! Otherwise if you're outside of the UK I have them listed for you over here!

Stop and smell the flowers sun catcher sticker

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