Thank you Teacher treats on a budget

Thank you Teacher treats on a budget

End of term is fast approaching and parents have already started picking up their thank you teacher cards. And whilst some parents splurge on gifts there are others looking for more purse friendly options (especially with the 6 weeks holiday knocking on the door!) So, I've put together a quick list of 5 things you can do for your Childs teacher to say thanks without breaking the bank!

1. A simple paper thank you
A card with a simple thank you message goes along way. Even more so if it has been written by a child who has done their very best hand writing especially for you. There is something magical about the way children write. Sometimes a simple thank you can mean more than material goods and has the ability to raise a lasting smile. I stock a range of teacher cards to suit all budgets. Starting from £3.25 with FREE UK delivery up to personalised cards at £4.95, click the image (or here) to find out more.

A selection of thank you teacher cards being hand written by a small child

2. A certificate for being the best
After my popular Father's Day newspaper download I thought it would be a great idea to create something a little extra special for the teachers too. They spend all year praising the children and celebrating their achievements with stickers, positive encouragement and certificates. So how about a certificate created by your little ones especially for their teacher? It's sure to raise a smile! And best of all, it's free! All they need to do is sit down and colour to their hearts content! Click here to download and save yours now!

Free thank you teacher appreciation certificate with a childs drawing and hand writing

3. Happiness is homemade cakes
Everyone loves a cake right? But if you don't want the trouble of accidentally burning them or having to do icing with the kids, how about some no bake rice krispy cakes? Perhaps jazz them up with a few marshmallows or sprinkles? Or even pop in a few flags using my homemade personalised flags below! Or perhaps you don't have the time for baking? Then no worries, because if you pop down to Aldi (not sponsored I just happen to shop there) then you can pick up a tray of 12 cupcakes for £3.49! A sweet treat for the teacher at a budget friendly price!

Rice Krispie cakes with added fudge and marshmallows

How to make the Rice Krispy Cakes:
To make rice krispy cakes all you need to do is the following:
1. Melt 150g of milk chocolate into a heatproof bowl (either over water on the hob or gently in the microwave) and mix in 3 to 4 tablespoons of golden syrup.
2. Once the above has melted, stir in 100g of rice krispies! (Although I used coco pops because it's what we had in the cupboard and they're already chocolatey!)
3. Divide the mixture between 12 fairy cake cases (less for muffin cases) and pop on a few decorative bits you want to stick. You could use fudge, marshmallows, smarties, etc. I used bits of fudge (already in the cupboard) and some small marshmallows.You could also melt some more chocolate and drizzle over the top!
4. Wait until they set (you can speed this up by popping them in the fridge for an hour) and then enjoy! Or rather, give them to your favourite teachers! 

4. A touch of something personal
So you've made your krispy cakes or you've bought a tray of fairy cakes and you want to jazz them up a little to make them more personal to your little ones. Well, how about making some pretty little bright flags to stick in the top? Homemade personalised cake toppers! On one side is a hand lettered message such as 'you are brilliant' and on the other side is space for your child to write their teachers name! All you need is a printer, some paper, scissors, glue, cocktail sticks and your little creative genius! These little flags are available through my Etsy at just £1.50! For £1.50 you get 3 digital files! One contains a black and white copy so your child can go wild with colour, and the other two contain variants of pink, yellow, blue, purple and green! If you want more information or to download, click here!

DIY printable thank you teacher cake topper flags download

5. A pet for the teacher
If baking isn't something you want to consider how about a little pet for the teacher? A small cactus doesn't require much looking after and it can easily sit on the teachers desk or be taken home. You could also personalise by adding the little flags above! I got this cactus in a pack of three from IKEA for only £4.50! That's only £1.50 a plant! Budget friendly and a kind and thoughtful gift! If I was a teacher I'd be all over this little gift! I love a cactus or ten!

Thank you teacher cactus with a you are brilliant flag

I hope this alternative, purse friendly guide to thank you teacher gifts has been helpful! If you decide to use any of the ideas above, I would absolutely love to see them! I'm @Joannehawker over on Instagram if you fancied sharing! Seeing other people use my downloads always brings a smile to my day!


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