No Drama With These Llamas!

No Drama With These Llamas!

You may have noticed a huge rise in the number of Llama's and Alpaca's appearing recently, from notebooks and plant pots, to giant llama face pin boards and bed spreads! It's fair to say that they're in fashion alright! And why wouldn't they be? They have the cutest the faces, wear blankets and are just generally an all round interesting creature. 

Over the next few months, I'm going to be drip feeding my latest Llama creations. But rather than showing you a post just with my prints, I thought I'd reach out to the incredible maker community over on Instagram to find some other llama makers too. You know, just in case you're going for a full on llama nursery, and sharing is caring!

A personalised llama print set on a yellow background with a baby llama in a basket sat on it's back. The print is in a blue frame on a purple wall.

First up I thought I'd introduce the first of the two personalised prints that I've launched recently. This version even has a super cute baby llama sat inside of a basket. Does it get any cuter? It's really easy to add the name of a child on the bottom too, or if you prefer, I can leave that blank. It's perfect for adding a pop of colour to a child's nursery, bedroom or playroom!

Yellow, personalised, embroidered llama shoes.

So you've got the llama wall art sorted, what about accessories for the little one? You know if these were adult size, I'd 100% wear them! These are leather baby shoes from Born Bespoke. You can get these in a number of colours but I was drawn to yellow (obviously!) AND you can even personalise the soles. How cool is that?

Boho Baby Heaven Llama Blanket

How about something for nap time? A baby security blanket perhaps, complete with llama head, and made from super soft fleece? Yes? Well, you'll need to head over to visit the queen of llamas for this one, Boho Baby Heaven!

Llama tidy, storage bag by ceridwenhazelchild

One thing most children have, is a lot of toys and Ceridwen Hazelchild has an easy solution to keep them all neat and tidy! And like everything else on this post, it comes with a friendly looking llama on the front! This fabric storage bin is made from soft brushed canvas with a natural cotton lining, and has a foldable design so it’s easy to store when not in use (not that you'll want to pack it away!)

Llama print baby grow by boodleshop

It wouldn't be a post about llama themed goods for children without a llama piece of clothing would it? Not only is this hand printed with organic inks but all Boodle products are ethically sourced and made from 100% Organic cotton in accordance with the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), produced from Indian Cotton, and certified by the Control Union and Soil Association Certification. They are also produced under the Fair Wear label ethical trade and justice for workers. Pretty neat huh? I think so. 

Llama hobby horse by florence and the fox

Did someone say llama hobby horse? Yes please! I never had a hobby horse as a child but I'd have totally gone mad for this! It's soooo fluffy and those lashes, well, I'm jealous of those to be honest! Every aspect of this incredible toy is handmade by Florence and the Fox

Blue, personalised llama print by joanne hawker

This is the other print in my llama set, he's a pretty jolly chap in his brightly coloured blanket. He can also be personalised with the name of your favourite little llama lover, and is printed on 275gsm soft cotton art paper. If you don't have a child yourself, this would make a lovely gift for a first birthday, baby shower or even a christening!

If you've just accidentally emptied your wallet on any of these brilliant products on this post, I'm sorry (well I'm not, because they're worth every penny!). But if you did, thank you for supporting small indie businesses, you're the best!

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