#MeetTheMakerWeek 2018 is Here!

#MeetTheMakerWeek 2018 is Here!

#MeetTheMakerWeek 2018 Official List of Prompts

It's back for the third year! #MeetTheMakerWeek kicks off on Instagram on the 26th November and it is where designers, makers, and small creative businesses will be telling the world about they make, the process behind their creations, and where you can find them. This is the official list of prompts for 2018, and they have been kept vague on purpose to allow you to interpret them in anyway you wish, but if you need a little extra help, don't worry, I've sorted that too! I don't want to be scaring anyone off!  

#MeetTheMakerWeek Free Planner Download image featuring the planner on a coloured background and brown wooden pen

If you'd like a little more guidance, there are helpful questions on the free downloadable planner sheet to help you plan your content and so that there's no panic posting or stressing over what you want to say! There's a little info about useful apps and a list of handy hashtags incase you get stuck. Wanna grab the planner? Simply click the image and it will take you to a page where you can download the planner for later or print right away. Easy peasey! 

Join the Facebook community graphic - Hand drawn text placed on a purple background reads 'Join the community, join the dedicated facebook group group - hey there maker! Support. Friendship. Belonging'

If you'd like further help or just want to chat with like minded people, why not join the #HeyThereMaker Community group (it will be used for both challenges) on Facebook and then through out the year to network. It's a safe place to ask questions, make new friends and support each other. Each day, I'll be posting the daily prompt and information about what you could cover if you're still stuck and it's a great place to ask other's what they plan on posting. It's a place where we can help each other succeed. Because after all, whose better to answer questions on small business and making than small businesses and makers themselves? Sounds like something you'd like? Click the image to visit the group! Please be sure to answer both questions on the group otherwise I'm afraid that I can't grant you access (it's to keep the group spam free!)

The important bits recap:
- Prompts released 15th November - they're out now!
- Challenge begins on the 26th November and ends on the 1st December
- Download the FREE planner
- Keep a look out for an AWESOME Giveaway!
- Join the Facebook Community Group
- Join in, network, support each other and most of all, have fun!

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I figured out how to print out planner.

Anne Kamilla Alexander

Great! Love to join!


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