Exam Results Day Is Here!

Exam Results Day Is Here!

Anyone with school age children will know that exam results day for A-Level and GCSE exams are just around the corner. Some maybe quietly confident that they've done their best and they're moving onto pastures new, but there may also be some who are much more nervous about what's inside of those scary looking brown envelopes.

An exam congratulations card that reads 'You only went and passed! Congratulations' The image has a grey background with white and yellow stars, whilst two hands remove the card from the envelope.

I should point out that I use brown envelopes for my cards but the contents of them are not scary, I promise! They're full of happy surprises, bright colours and positivity instead. If you want to skip this post and head straight to my bright, and positive exam results collection click here. Otherwise, let's look at those results days!

A-Level results come out first, and students can expect to pick up their results on Thursday 16th August 2018. These are seen as the most important ones (at least from my perspective anyway) as these determine whether you have made it into your chosen university and onto your chosen course. 

The card reads 'yipppeeee, you're off to university! Congratulations [insert personalisation]. An A-Level exam results and congratulations card

Luckily, in my experience, I didn't need amazing grades to head in the direction I was going. I was off to college to do a foundation year in art before I headed off to university the following year. Which, was probably a blessing because I find the exam environment quite a tough one. The only result I was interested in was Art and I was happy with that. 

However, I understand that not everyone will be in my shoes. So, what can you do if you don't quite get the results you were hoping for? First off, don't panic! There is ALWAYS an option and your results shouldn't deter you from reaching your goals and dreams.

Your first port of call should be UCAS. Check your account! If you missed just narrowly missed your grades, call the university and see what your options are. Otherwise if you've entered into clearing, look at your choices over there. UCAS will also be able to talk you through your options from a university and course perspective. They have a whole blog post dedicated to their helpline including the number and operating times. Talk to your teachers? Perhaps you decided university isn't for you after all? How about an apprenticeship? Either way just know you have options.

Well done on such brilliant a-level results! So proud of you [insert personalisation]. Exam results congratulations card

GCSE results come out on Thursday 23rd of August, a week after the A-Level results. If you encounter any problems on the day, speak to your teachers, they should be able to offer advice and next steps with anything that you're not sure about. 

No matter what the results are, it's important to show your support and encouragement, which is why I've created a range of exam results cards to do just that. Some can also be personalised with the name of the smartie pants receiving it. It should be a day of celebration and joy, after all they've worked really hard to get where they are and there is still so much more excitement still to come. So, if need to send a bit of paper love, congratulations, show how proud you are or celebrate, then you're in the right place. Click here to browse my exam collection. And if your teen is picking up their results this month, I wish them all the luck! I'm sure they are going to make you proud! 

This exam congratulations card in blue reads "you are a genius [insert personalisation]! Well done on such brilliant GCSE results!'

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