DIY Halloween Banner

DIY Halloween Banner

Make your own halloween banner

I love making decorations for Halloween, I'd go as far as saying I love Halloween more than Christmas! Every year I design and make a little display for our kitchen window, it brightens it up nicely and makes our house look a little more friendly (new builds can be so characterless!) Below I'm going to share how I made it and where you can download the files to make your very own Halloween Banner.

1. Firstly, you need to download and print the file I've created for this project. Those can be printed or downloaded here.

2. Print as many as you think you'll need. Each A4 sheet contains one of each character.

Cut out the characters of your halloween banner

3. Carefully cut around the characters using a pair of scissors or a scalpel if you're brave enough!

What you need for the banner

4. Gather everything you need and decide if you want to use ribbon, invisible string or bakers twine. Also decide if you want to punch holes in the characters and thread the string/ribbon through or if you'd rather use some tape. I chose to go with washi tape and bakers twine.

Stick the string to the halloween shapes

5. Measure your string to fit the space that you want to hang it in, and allow extra if you want it to arch like mine. Turn your characters over and line them up and place the string on top of them. Carefully tape the string to the back of your characters. If you're going to hang it somewhere where it is likely to get cold or damp, I recommend adding extra tape so that it is extra secure and so they don't fall off!

That's it! Just repeat the steps for every additional banner you want to make. Easy peasy! If you do make these I'd love to see how you use them on Instagram! Use the hashtag #JoanneHawker or tag me @joannehawker. Can't wait to see what you do!
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