An Apple For The Teacher - Teacher Gift Guide

An Apple For The Teacher - Teacher Gift Guide

It's that time of year again when you've got so many purchases to make that you don't know what you have and haven't already purchased. Then comes the dreaded realisation you've forgotten to get your child's favourite teacher a small token of thanks. Well, not to worry, I've put together a little guide of some of the gifts you can get from me from under £5 and gifts from other small businesses for under £10! Sound good? Then let's read on!

Personalised teacher gift by Joanne Hawker

1. Personalised Thank You Teacher Pocket Mirror - This is one of my most popular designs for teacher gifting. It's a floral pocket mirror that comes in a small white organza pouch with an optional gift tag that reads 'you're the best'. £4.95 with free UK delivery.

Teacher Chalk Notebook by Newton and the Apple

2. Teacher Chalk Notebook - This notebook depicts the elements of a 'Teacher' using chemical symbols from the periodic table of elements. Underneath these chemical symbols, there is a short 'scientific' description of a typical teacher. £3.95 + delivery from Newton and the Apple.

Personalised Owl Thank you teacher scratch and reveal card

3. Thank You Teacher Scratchcard - A personalised scratch card for sending special messages of thanks to your child's teacher. Make the card even more special by allowing your child to personalise it themselves with their own lovely hand writing or I can print your very own message on the front! Starting at £4.25 with free UK delivery.

Teacher Quote mug by Jillyjillydesign

4. Teacher Quote Mug - This adorable design features illustrations of pencils, an apple, globe, blackboard, books and more. "Good things come to those who teach" is written in the centre in pretty hand drawn typography. £10 plus delivery from JillyJillyDesign.

Teaching assistant card by joanne hawker

5. Teaching Assistant Card - Now, we mustn't forget the teaching and classroom assistants! They do an amazing job helping the children who need that little bit of extra help understanding and spend countless hours helping to improve reading skills. So for all the teaching and classroom assistants, this one is for you! Available in both wording. £3.25 with free UK delivery.

Personalised teacher magnet

6. Personalised Teacher Magnet in a Box - A delicate watercolour painting of an apple personalised with your teacher's name applied to a marble tile, presented in a 'thank you' gift box. £6.45 plus delivery from LittleBirdy Designs.

Personalised Owl Pocket Mirror

7. Personalised Owl Pocket Mirror - A personalised, owl patterned pocket mirror, perfect for your child's favourite teacher as an end of term thank you gift or could even be personalised for teaching assistants, classroom assistants, nursery nurses or even the friendly lollypop lady! £4.95 with free UK delivery.

Personalised best teacher coaster by coconut grass

8. Best Teacher CoasterDoes your teacher wear the most amazing clothes? Do they sing so badly you all laugh? Let them know how much they have made you laugh with their bad dancing or how their help has made you be the best person you can be with a personalised coaster. £6.50 free UK delivery.

Amazing teacher card by joanne hawker

9. Amazing Teacher Card - And lastly, just a good old fashioned card thanking your teacher for being amazing. Available in red or blue and just £3.25 with free UK delivery.

Still haven't found what you're looking for? Well, I've got a whole teacher and graduation gift collection if you're still a bit stuck. Otherwise, I hope that guide helped, even if it only reminded you that you still need a gift!

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