A thoughtful Valentine's Day on a budget

A thoughtful Valentine's Day on a budget

Thoughtful ideas that you can do for your partner this valentines day on a budget!

Telling someone how much they mean to you shouldn't cost the earth. And Valentine's Day is no exception. Yes it's a day of love and romance but that doesn't mean that you should break the bank. 

Here a few ways that you can thoughtfully celebrate Valentine's day without being over the top but still have a meaningful time together.

1. Say it all with a card. Sometimes cards are a bit of an after thought once the gift has been purchased but they are actually a really great way of getting across how you really feel without actually having to say it out loud. It doesn't have to be cheesy romantic, it can be funny, observant or completely personalised. It's all about how you make that person feel when they open it and read the message. That's where the magic is.

A token of love scratch card by Joanne Hawker

2. A night in is the new night out! Jump onto Pinterest and find some new meal ideas that you've been meaning to try but never seem to get around to it. Perhaps even split the cooking? One person could make a surprise main whilst the other makes a surprise dessert! It doesn't even have to be complicated. There are plenty of quick and easy one pan meals and no bake desserts to whip up in no time! Personally, I'm going to be have a go at the Lotus Biscoff cheese cake! Yum yum!

3. Fresh air and freedom. Get outside! Find yourself a nice walk around some woods, along the coast or a national park. There are plenty of places to check out walks near you. Walking Britain is a great place to start, as is the National Trust. Perhaps pack up a picnic, with some nibbles and a thermos flask of tea, coffee or hot chocolate! Or if picnics aren't your thing, perhaps find a route with a tea room or cosy pub along the way to have a snack, a warming brew or a bite to eat. 

Cornish coastal walk. Photographed by Joanne Hawker

4. Get your make on! Handmade gifts can be some of the most thoughtful and treasured! Perhaps you've got a big surprise but are not sure how to work up to it? Then how about a treasure hunt? Or maybe the treasure hunt is just for a bit of fun and is filled with reasons why you love them? Who doesn't like a treasure hunt? Or perhaps instead of gifts you want to give IOU's (I owe you). These could be jobs that the other person usually does but with these tokens roles are reversed. Or perhaps you want to make them for things like a massage from you, or you'll be on tea duty for a day or you'll look after the kids whilst your partner goes out with friends. 

5. Nibbles, blankets and boxsets. What's better than snuggling up on the sofa with a new boxset to binge or a handful of your favourite movies? Throw in a blanket and a few bowls of snacks and you're set for a cosy night in with your favourite. Throw in a few candles and a bottle of wine too for bonus points!

6. Share the love! Hang out with your friends! Invite them all over for dinner, get everyone to bring a dish, some snacks, dessert or a bottle and have a great night in together! Make it all about friendship and celebrate each other rather than Valentine's.

I hope that has helped you to come up with some ideas about how to spend Valentine's with your nearest and dearest this year. I'm sure what ever you do it will be perfect!

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