5 treats for under £5 for Father's Day!

5 treats for under £5 for Father's Day!

Father's Day is fast approaching and if your dad is anything like mine, he may have said 'oh, don't waste your money!', or 'don't worry about getting me anything, save your money!'. Now, even though he says that, I know that deep down he would be disappointed if I didn't send him something (a card minimum). So I've put together a list of 5 things you can get or do for dad for under a fiver! Little token gifts if you will. For the man that doesn't want anything!

1 - The way to a mans heart is through his stomach:
Bake him a homemade chocolate cake for just £3.19, made with love by you! I'm not going to lie, I turned my nose up at the recipe I'm about to tell you about but it turned out to be a really good cake! I mean, look at it! I'm pretty pleased with it and Ross couldn't wait to scoff it! By the time you read it, it would have well and truly disappeared into our belly. Sorry dad. 

Fathers Day Chocolate and Fudge Cake made by Joanne Hawker

The following ingredients are from Aldi:
- Chocolate Cake Mix £1.25
- Pieces of fudge £0.85
- One bar of milk chocolate £0.79
- One bar of white chocolate £0.30
I only used a quarter of the chocolate for the decoration on the top of the cake so you could cut up the left over into extra small pieces and pop it in the cake, grate it, or do what I did and scoffed it!
The recipe for the cake is printed on the side of the cake packet but essentially, you just add a bit of oil and water, mixxy, mixxy, pop it in the oven and jobs a good'un! Then all you have to do is melt the chocolate, decorate and give to dad!

2 - Kids say the best things:
Sometimes kids come out with some absolute corkers or at other times they notice things that we may over look. So I've made a free download for you to print and encourage your little ones to draw a picture of daddy (I really hope I get to see some of these! Kids drawings are ace!) and then list the things they love about their daddy. It could be absolutely anything! And may even produce some giggles. Click here or the image to download your copy to print!

Free Fathers Day download of an amazing dad newspaper by Joanne Hawker

3 - A folded piece of paper that gets straight to the point:
If you don't get your dad a gift, it's worth marking the occasion with a card at least. Just so that he feels valued, appreciated and cared for. You don't have to go to town on the caption on the inside if you can find the right card to do the talking for you. It might seem daft but a small folded piece of paper can bring plenty of smiles, that warm fuzzy feeling and may end up being treasured for years to come. If you want to check out what I have available click here or click the image below!

Just how loved you are Father's Day card by Joanne Hawker

4 - Time is more valuable than money:
Time spent with dad is much more valuable than any gift money can buy. Perhaps look at a family day out to the seaside and treat him to an ice cream? Or perhaps a trip to the woods? Both the Woodlands Trust and Forestry England list your local woods to visit on their websites. Pack a picnic, make a den, be explorers, take a leisurely stroll and make memories!

Joanne Hawker in Greatwood Forest in Somerset with added illustrations

5 - Feel good and free:
No one likes doing chores or the odd jobs around the house. So how about stepping into dads shoes for the day and doing his jobs for him! Make him breakfast, or dinner and do the cleaning up! Take on taxi duty while he puts his feet up. Basically have a 'Dad doesn't lift a finger' day! It's free, it's easy, and it makes you feel good too whilst dad gets a lazy day of being waited on hand and foot!


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Thank you for the great ideas and fab wee newspaper, my daughter will love filling this out for hubby 💙


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