4 ways to use a personalised scratch card

4 ways to use a personalised scratch card

I've been busy making personalised scratch cards (also known as scratch and reveal cards) since 2015 and I've seen people use them for a whole range of things so I thought I'd highlight a few ways that you could use them too!

1 - Asking big or important questions!
Asking someone to move in with you, be your partner, or even marry you can be an exciting but nerving wracking time! Using a scratch card can help take the edge off of asking that all important question whilst also giving the recipient a memento of this really special occasion that they can treasure for years to come! They're also a fantastic way to invite close friends and family into your wedding party and to play an important role in your big day such as asking someone to be your Bridesmaid or your Maid of Honour! And the best part is, you get to watch their face as they slowly reveal the big surprise!

A scratch and reveal card that can be completely personalised with your text. The text on the card is in black whilst the scratch panel is bright yellow.

2 - Giving hard to gift presents!

This was one of the main reasons I created my first range of fully personalised gifting scratch cards back in 2015! Booking emails or receipts aren't the prettiest thing to look at so I created a fun new way to gift them through scratch cards! This brought the fun back into gifting something you couldn't physically hold! These kind of gifts range from anything like gig and theatre tickets to trips abroad, weekends away, experience gifts such as llama walking or driving a super car around a race track, to things like afternoon tea and trips to the spa!

A travel themed scratch card featuring a plane and a scratch off cloud.

3 - Making an announcement!

Maybe you're looking for a way to tell family or friends that you're having a baby! Or perhaps you want to tell them that you're having a little boy or a girl? Or maybe it's something else entirely! I have cards for specific occasions such as pregnancy announcements but I also have those where you can announce anything you like!

A diagram explaining the different custom options on a baby reveal scratch card

4 - Simply sending messages of love!
I create a lot of these around Christmas time or during times of being told to stay at home and they're always really sweet! It's like sending someone a surprise pick me up and lets them know that you've been thinking about them! I particularly love the blank ones that I've created for children to draw their own design on the front and then create a scratch message for a relative, like a grandparent perhaps! You just know that what ever they create will be special and will be cherished by the recipient!

A create your own scratch card for children!
If you'd like to try one for yourself you can view all of my scratch cards here!
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