A set of santa letters from the north pole with official gold stamp seal
A letter from Santa or father christmas himself
A letter to Father Christmas with a list of desired Christmas gifts with lots of space for a childs writing
A warning letter from Father Christmas for naughty behaviour
A christmas delivery receipt from Santa

Santa Letter Pack

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This pack of letters contains one of each Santa letter from my range:

1 x Letter to Santa/Father Christmas
1 x Letter from Santa/Father Christmas
1 x Behaviour Warning Letter from the North Pole
1 x Christmas Delivery Receipt

Each letter arrives pre-folded and once folded back down the double sided letter acts as an envelope ready for posting/delivery.

The letter to Father Christmas is a template that allows children to fill in 4 options for their wish list and has space to draw Santa a picture of themselves so that he doesn't forget what they look like.

The letter from Father Christmas makes reference to any previous letter that the child may have sent and comes complete with a gold embossed sticker from the workshop itself.

The warning letter is to help any over excited children behave until the big day. It states that top secret elves are monitoring their behaviour until Christmas Eve and also has space for two instances for when they might have been that tiny bit naughty. 

The delivery receipt is the final piece of stationery that they will receive from Father Christmas. It's just a little extra note that tells them to have a lovely Christmas and lets them know what time their gifts were delivered and how they arrived. Also comes with gold official sticker.

Made From:
Each double sided letter is printed on uncoated paper.

Each letter is A4 in size when unfolded. Height 29.7cm x Width 21cm (297mm x 210mm)
When folded each letter measures: Height 12.8cm x Width 21cm (128mm x 210mm)
Each receipt measures: A5 - 21cm x 14.8cm (210mm x 148mm)