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A roll of cute frog washi tape unravelling on a notebook with stacks of paper tape in the background.
A stack of blue and green frog washi tape piled on top of a notebook with one roll facing forwards to show the decorative sticker.
Blue and green frog themed tape that has been cut to size and stuck inside of a white lined notebook.
Kawaii frog themed washi tape being peeled from the roll by a pair of hands over a white notebook and pink background.
A list of some of the other tapes on offer! From the top is pink moths, followed by purple confetti, then a tape with pink and yellow desert mountains. Underneath that is a blue and green frog tape follow by oranges and lastly lemons.

Frog Washi Tape

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Please note that these rolls are not seconds, I am simply clearing space for new things which means you can save 50p a roll!

Adorably cute frog themed washi tape featuring a variety of quirky frogs in different poses, green vines and lily pads! This paper tape is perfect for adding a bit of colour and character to your scrapbook projects or weekly bullet journal layouts!

There are frogs eating flies, some with a fish on it's head, a wizard frog, one with a daisy on its head and even a king (or prince!) frog!

Each roll of kawaii frog washi tape is 10m long and is 15mm wide giving you plenty of pond themed tape to be creative with! Each roll of decorative tape comes wrapped in a protective film and with a cute sticker to help identify which is which.

Imagined, designed and brought to life with original illustrations by Joanne Hawker.

Each listing is for just one roll of this kawaii decorative tape! Other designs are available here!